SPACES EXERCISES _ Do you want to see Mr. Klamm?

Light and sound Installation created and realized at the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague with the students of the School of Scenography of Hdemia Santa Giulia - Fine arts Academy of Brescia - for PQ+ Prague Quadrennial, the most important international theater and scenography festival.

The work inspired by the novel The Castle by Franz Kafka is an interactive installation of sound and lighting design. A technological device, a control apparatus, which records the unconscious movements of visitors in the rooms of the Italian Cultural Institute and translates them into the continuous transformation of the same, in terms of sound and light. This path is a sort of transfiguration of the protagonist of Kafka's novel who by constantly changing the environment never reaches the goal, ending up in a sort of loop, labyrinth, short circuit. The labyrinth is an organism that regenerates itself continuously, that presents itself and disappears, that surrounds and follows the user in his movements. It is in fact the result of everyone's movements and for this very reason it is uncontrollable and incomprehensible by the single individual.