The Perfect Man is a video installation inspired on The Vitruviano Man by Leonardo Da Vinci. With the scientific method of the Renaissance artist, the human body becomes the measure and object of representation through a process of creative reworking. The starting point is the analysis of a performance made up of repeated body movements in different perspective views. The contemporary tools used to analyze the body are based on infrared scanning and the algebraic reprocessing of digital images. The body of a man in action is reworked through representations with aesthetics attributable to the thermal imaging camera, the cloud of points and the dragging of movement.

The scenographic structure that houses the video projection consists of a luminous circle suspended inside a cube whose contours are also drawn by light. Video and light interact in synchrony in the dynamic rhythmicity of the performance, evolve in a path that leads in the finale to the overlapping encounter between the performer and the draw of the Vitruviano Man. The Perfect Man is therefore a contemporary interpretation of Leonardo's analytical investigation; it is a passage through precise mathematical rules that return the representation of what is recognizable as "perfection".